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The Guiding Principle and the Development Orientation
Author :Nanjing University of Finance & Economics( Last Modified:2006-9-22)  

The guiding principle of the University in the ¡°11th five-year plan¡± is: to take the Scientific Outlook on Development as the guiding principle in the overall working situation, to deeply implement three developmental strategies: ¡°Informationalization, Globalization and Integration¡±, to fully realize ¡°Two Changes¡±, and to ultimately serve ¡°Two Leadings¡±. According to the above principle, the University¡¯s orientation is based on the following 6 aspects:


Function: To actively improve the level and quality of teaching, research and social services, centered by training qualified practical talents with creative spirit.


Disciplinary Structure: To configure a harmonious disciplinary structure of taking economics and management disciplines as the core, coordinated by engineering, law, literature and science disciplines, with their strengths being supplemented.


Education Levels: To stick to focusing on undergraduate education and in the meantime strongly developing postgraduate education, steadily developing various kinds of continuing education, and actively developing the overseas students programs.


University Type: To transform from a teaching-type university to a teaching-and- researching-type one.


Service Areas: To base on Jiangsu and serve the whole country, and to stick to serving the economic construction and social development of the region.


Talents Cultivation Goals: To cultivate the practical talents to have the abilities to adapt to the socialist market economy and social competition, innovative spirit and practical ability so as to provide the students with the greatest opportunities and the optimal paths of career design and development.

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