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Author :Nanjing University of Finance & Economics( Last Modified:2006-9-22)  

NUFE aims to improve students¡¯ all-around quality while promoting the development of their individuality, and thus train them to be practical talents with creative spirit as well as adaptive and competitive capacity under the circumstance of socialist market economy.


NUFE has established good relations with over 50 universities and institutions in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Canada, Australia, Japan and Russia, as well as some regions like Hong Kong and Taiwan. It has also established cooperative relations with international organizations including FAO and the World Bank.




















Photo 1.  Prof. Xu Congcai, President of NUFE, is signing an agreement with David Johnston, President of the University of Waterloo, Canada.



















Photo 2.  Benno Schmidt, chairman of the Council for Aid to Education is visiting NUFE.






















Photo 3.  Prof. Xu Chengming, Vice President of NUFE, participates in ¡°Jiangsu-North America High Education Cooperation Forum¡± and is signing an agreement with St. Joseph¡¯s University.
























Photo 4.  Mr. Peter Thun, CEO of the Coordinating Council of International Universities (CCIU), and Mr. Jacob Maas, Vice Chair of CCIU are visiting NUFE.

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