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Author :Nanjing University of Finance & Economics( Last Modified:2006-9-22)  

NUFE holds some social service institutions, such as China Training Center for Grain Distribution Management, Food and Oil Quality Inspection Center of State Grain Administration, and School for Managers. By the end of 2001, the university was appointed by the State Economy and Trade Commission to be one of the first 56 universities to develop business administration training during the tenth-five-year plan. In recent years, the University has undertaken research and consultative projects for the State Economy and Trade Commission, the Ministry of Finance, the State Grain Administration, the government of Jiangsu Province, the government of Nanjing city, and many enterprises in China. An integrated system of production, learning and research of engineering specialties has been quickly developed. The University has transferred over 30 research achievements to relevant enterprises and obtained favorable economic and social gains.

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