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President's Welcome

Welcome to Nanjing University of Finance and Economics (NUFE)!

Located in Nanjing, NUFE, one of the key comprehensive universities in Jiangsu Province,is oriented to the disciplines of economics and management, coupled with those of laws, humanities, science and technology.

NUFE possesses three campuses: Xianlin campus, Fujian Road campus and Qiaotou campus, covering an area of about 200 hectares and the floored space is 722,900 square meters. Xianlin campus luckily has its location at the central part of Xianlin university town, eastern suburb of Nanjing, in which you may find updated-designed buildings and construction with top-rank facilities, attractive surroundings with green hills and clear waters as well as beautiful flowers and trees, and a picturesque harmonious place with everything graceful and concordant.

At present the University hosts 17 schools and departments, offering 35 undergraduate programs, 22 Master’s Degree programs. Four disciplines—Industrial Economics, Statistics, Finance, and Enterprise Management have been chosen as "Key Disciplines in Jiangsu Province". The E-Business Laboratory and the Laboratory of Quality Control and Further Processing of Food and Oils are listed as “Key Laboratories in Jiangsu Province". Industrial Economics is rated as “Excellent Academic Team among Universities and Colleges in Jiangsu Province”. NUFE has a quite competitive capacity in teaching and scientific research. Of the University’s 1,045 faculty members, 141 are professors and 413 are associate professors, and 220 of them have got Doctor’s degree.

NUFE has been carrying out the university spirit of “Modest, Self-confident, Practical, Excelled”, and the guiding principle of “based on humanity, further reform, focus on key tasks, and develop in harmony” since its founding in the 1950s in the hope of training the students to be practical talents with creative spirit and internationalized horizon as well as adaptive and competitive capacity under the circumstance of socialist market economy.

To continually achieve excellence in its core missions of education, research, and social service, NUFE attaches great importance to its cooperation and exchange with its partners home and abroad. At present, it has cooperative relationship with over 60 universities, governmental organizations and businesses from various parts of the world.

NUFE is not only the cradle for talents of finance and economics, but also the ideal home for your study, work and communication in China.

Your visit and join will be highly appreciated!


President : Xu Congcai

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